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The thought of meeting 25 strange men for the very first time face to face rather than through carefully chosen profile photos was nerve-wracking, to say the least. Charlene and I are both in our 20s and have been friends since our first year of university, when Charlene was a certified prude and I was a wild child.

10 people reveal the horrors and the joys of speed dating

Charlene is running around in her underwear, tearing through piles of clothes. We consider bailing; instead, I frantically search for some liquid courage, only to come up with two beers. We down them before rushing out the door. Lora and I arrive at the bar.

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Date 2, a cute guy, begins by introducing himself as an engineer. He tells me his planning for early retirement.

Speed Dating 10 Guys At Once (AWKWARD TWIST ENDING!)

Work, Gym, Tinder, Repeat. Trying something new and stepping out of your comfort zone is a must if you want new results to surface. Speed dating is one of few opportunities where you get to meet a number of eligible singles, all in one evening. If you want to meet someone, replenishing your contact list is so important. Speed Dating is not about meeting your soulmate, but rather expanding your single social circle.

The more people you meet, the likelier you are to stumble across that special someone. Sometimes doing things just for the hell of it, without having to be so logical, can be where the magic happens, pun intended!

Just like any skill, you can get better and ultimately really good at dating. And the best way to start? Speed Date to practice your approach, improve your communication and get comfortable on the dating scene. Soon, you will have mastered important social skills that will be a tremendous help in the long term. Yes, we all know that no one wants to hear how bitter you are about the last person that broke your heart.

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Don't talk about how much drinking, partying and trouble you find while with your friends. A man doesn't want to look for a potential mate and hear that she is a late night drunk who fell out of the cab! Likewise, a woman doesn't want to hear that you spend all of your free time getting drunk with your buddies and they will come first every night and weekend. Don't overtalk about you!

10 people reveal the horrors and the joys of speed dating | Metro News

You know that person that's the best at everything you tell them about? They can give you an intellectual breakdown of every scientific fact of their ability to do whatever subject you bring up.

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  8. Talk about the things you are good at, and talk about the things you would like to learn more about- we all have an internal balance, share it honestly. Does speed dating work? With a big IF. IF you take the time to be willing to explore genuine experiences within people and be a genuine person, it works very well.

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    There are many, many successful long-term relationships that come from speed dating events. It has a proven statistical track record of success. Bring yourself to a speed dating event with an open honest expectation.

    To meet good people from all walks of life and for one night, you can find the connection that makes a match for you. Speed dating is not a game, nor is it a quick fix to having a date each weekend.

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    Speed dating creates fun and exciting opportunities to find interesting and amazing people brought together to learn, explore and potentially find love. Make friends, find the love of your life, and learn more about incredible people and more about yourself. Speed dating is an efficient way to experience and explore new opportunities, potential love matches and the possibility that you can meet valuable matches in a fun environment within a single evening.