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Should one piece fall to the floor, the tongue would bulge out, the eyes would glaze over as the shovel of coal would hit the fire back.

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A display of bad temper in front of his family. These were daily occurrences, no excuses and no forgiveness for a man who destroyed his family systematically over the years. Two straps hung on nails under the stairs; one a soft leather strap with six-inch strips, the other a razor-sharpening strap, hard as nails. The thing is, the man could never catch me.

Slash under the bed he may, I just rolled away from side to side till the idiot gave up and went. I never once saw Bert and Ethel touch each other, not once, or us, never so much as a hug even when hurt and miserable. And his relationship with Ethel, a frigid, boring, loveless woman with beady eyes that looked for fault in everything; I often wonder when Ethel saw the monster appear in Bert.

They would have been married a while when one day he turned on her and she saw the monster for the first time. It gives me the willies just thinking about it.

The Four Pennies (Blackburn)

I mean, Ethel came from a very laidback family. Her dad kept British songbirds, built the shed and cages himself. He rode a bike and possessed a beautiful phonogram and vinyl record collection. How could his daughter make such a bad choice and marry this monster of a man? He was a big man who enjoyed a drink. For Bartholomew and Ethel there is no forgiveness for they turned their three sons into nervous wrecks, suffering broken marriages. Until I settled down with Tracy nearly 30 years ago I was a bit bad tempered myself.

I was paranoid, insecure, with no confidence, unable to concentrate, full of lies and falseness, unloved, scatterbrained, frightened by many things. What I did have was a love for all things wildlife; fish, frogs, newts, sticklebacks, frog spawn. Over the years I tried to get through to these people, only to give up in my forties. Just wallowing in a pit of self-disgust, a bad trip and no escape.

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Each time believing to be the last. Even when I turned on her, just like Bert did on Ethel all those years ago. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. In he moved to the recently built New Theatre, Oxford, to join his brother Roy violin and clarinet as resident pianist. Gilbert was an exceptionally good and popular rehearsal pianist, and visiting companies and individual performers used to make sure that he would be available.

He became well-known in the profession and his ability as a caricaturist became common knowledge. The volume that includes this drawing contains sketches mostly of musical directors and conductors working at the Oxford New Theatre with Gilbert Sommerlad.

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Dated 16 July Please confirm you are using these images within the following terms and conditions , by acknowledging each of the following key points:. Non commercial use only. Maximum copies, or 5 years digital use. No book jacket, or homepage lead image use. With the band re-christened they turned professional in November In April Fryer left the band for a year and was replaced by lead guitarist David Graham b. Michael Deighan and Maureen Edwards b. The Four Pennies split in early?

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