Fazura dating tmj

In the age of social networking, it can be said that fairy tales have now found its way on the internet as a budding Twitter friendship has now bloomed into a royal wedding set to take place tomorrow between Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim of Johor and Cik Khaleeda Bustaman.

Fattah Mengaku Dating Dengan Fazura

When wedding bells are ringing, the most common question that pops up is — how did the lovebirds meet. While it is not officially reported, it is learned that the two had first interacted on social networking site Twitter back in TMJ announced sometime in Aug that he would be giving up Twitter while it was unclear when Cik Khaleeda stopped tweeting as her account had been deactivated.

Checks on the Internet, dating back to March , found archived tweets which were still available online of the interaction between the two, believed to be before they met in real life.

I hope you have a dream about Angels O: The exchange, based on what was available for public view, appeared to be not as frequent, however, as the old saying goes, love will find a way. She had also tweeted him on April 19, saying: In another tweet, she wrote: In the age of social networking, it can be said that fairy tales have now found its way on the internet.

There will be a fire-eater show, 12D cinema, hot air balloon, inflatable obstacle course, food trucks and more, making this a perfect event for youngsters as well as families. The Elmina Lakeside Concert will mark the opening of the first 36 acres of the acre Elmina Central Park, which also serves as the concert venue remember this to easily Waze your way there.

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Fazura to share stage with Westlife’s Shane Filan

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