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Bearing a design that celebrates the relationship between the strengths of Olympic heroes and the forces of nature, the g gold, silver and bronze medals have been made with sustainability at their heart.

Eco-Counter at Velo-City 2018 in Rio de Janeiro

The silver and bronze medals have been produced using 30 per cent recycled materials while the ribbons are made from 50 per cent recycled PET. Meanwhile, the gold medals are completely free of mercury.

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The gold medals are purer than ever, meeting sustainability criteria from extraction to refining, as well as meeting strict environmental and labour laws. They make use of recycled raw silver at And 40 per cent of the copper used in the bronze medals came from waste at the Mint itself. The substance was melted and decontaminated to provide material for the medals.

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Rio Alex Ferro. Seven cities were initially proposed by their National Olympic Committees to host the Games: Listed in the official order of drawing of lots, these cities were:.

During the vote on 2 October , Rio de Janeiro eventually triumphed by taking 66 votes compared to Madrid's This gave Rio the majority that it needed to be elected as the host city for the Games. Rio had to overcome stiff competition, however, in the form of Chicago, Tokyo and Madrid in order to get the Games.

Any questions relating to reimbursements for Rio tickets must be sent to reembolso rio Date 05 Aug - 21 Aug. Michael Phelps strikes again! For this presentation, we will rely on feedback from our North and South American customers to share effective and efficient strategies for developing a bike count program.

Finding latent bike demand from count data during special events. In Pecha Kucha format, our North American Director, JF, will present the impact of special events on cycling rates and how data can be used to capture latent demand for bicycle travel. Last but not least!

Find us on the streets on Wednesday, 13th June, for the traditional Velo-City bike parade! For more information, including the full conference Velo-City conference schedule, click here!

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Your email address will not be published. Throughout the week, we will also present on the following subjects: Global data on cycling growth vs happiness speed dating How to grow and build a bicycle count program speed dating Surprise! Finding latent bike demand from count data during special events pecha kucha Worldwide Cycling Index: Global data on cycling growth vs happiness speed dating During this session, Enrico will present the results of our annual World Cycling Index!