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I really don't know about StarChoice, but as long as the connections are the same, I would think they would be compatible. That's a TV thread. I am sure it is close enough, it's all TV related.


But, doesn't matter to me anyways, just playing arm chair moderator. Even the same LNB's? IE the polarization is the same? I'm pretty sure they'd use the same frequencies. I sit next to a guy at work who used to work at Starchoice, he said it won't work. Something about different signal types and LNBF doo hickeys.

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Former Bell expressvu satellite dish installers. Holes will be sealed.

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We only use high quality cable, water proof connectors and other professional grade equipment. Need help with your satellite? Or a second dish installed at another location? Fully capable or tackling your satellite problems. Give me a call or email.

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I have been in the satellite insulation business for over 18 years. I install, repoint, uninstall and reinstall most satellite dishes foreign networks excluded.

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Installation of ailable new lava Omni directional antenna systems, Shaw Direct satellite dish hookups Bell TV satellite hookups networking Wi-Fi hookup. I hear you can split a feed between 2 tvs but you are watching the exact same channel on each tv. But wanna know if theres some sort of equipment where I can watch different channels on 2 tvs with the same dish.

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I know id need 2 boxes to start off if its possible but is there some splitter or something too? It's been 10 years, but I used to be on Expressvu and had a splitter attached to the 2 cables coming from my dish. From that splitter I was able to connect 4 terminals. Without more information I can only assume some stuff yes, you can use the same dish the thing on your roof to watch 2 different channels.

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  7. There's many ways to do this. Or a LNB with 4 connectors Just like the picture, out of your dish you will need 4 RG6 cables to a switch and out of the switch you can go to as many receivers as your switch has outputs. Info needed for a more concrete answer: