Verizon fios phone hookup

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How to log into a Verizon FiOS router

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Photos: Verizon FiOS installation step by step

I need to do something better at my house since I have cables going everywhere. It's a really cheap solution but it works. Thursday, November 01, The router you have been given will die in a year. Happened to me and others Consider swapping out with something more robust ala Netgear Otherwise solid as a rock Looks like a very nice setup, Scott.

Since I live in an apartment, I've got to make do with Cat 5 snaking along the baseboards. But I can read about setups like yours and dream. Thursday, November 01, 1: I've had to snake Cat5 through out the entire house to get connections to a few rooms, and a wireless router to pick up whats left. But hey, us common folk can dream.

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Also wondering where you got the door for your wiring closet. I've already run several hundred feet of new cabling for my home network , and am still running it as we continue to renovate the house a room at a time. In the end I plan to put all of the equipment router, switch, UPS, etc I'll likely end up building something myself, which I'm cool with, I just don't know were to look for the parts. Thursday, November 01, 2: I love your wiring cabinet and door.

My Verizon FiOS installation

Please post a link to where you got it. Thursday, November 01, 3: Did they terminate your cable runs into a patch panel or just put RJ45 connectors on the end?

Installing Verizon FIOS fiber-optic Internet service to my house

It has all the features I need and actually got me off of the LinkSys firmware hacking scene. It's just a FEW inches too narrow though. I think in retrospect I'll have to drill some ventilation holes and make a vent out the side of the whole closet as well. I had a punch-down block in my last house and it was more trouble than it was worth, IMHO, so here I just have RJ45 connectors at the ends.

There is a small distribution hub or module that acts as a block but I'm only using it for the telephone. Thursday, November 01, 5: Scott, Just to preface. I am watching COX start to do back flips getting concerned. After FIOS, not an issue, non what so ever! You are going to be living large!!! Thursday, November 01, 6: Scott, I've heard that FIOS service blocks all the incoming ports, making it impossible to host a website, ftp or even terminal in.

Post Digital Network

If so, what ports are not blocked? I'm sure this place was built in the 20's and still has the same wiring. Same for FIOS or are you locked in with your phone company? Thursday, November 01, 8: Robert - Yes, it blocks most ports. The Port 80 block is my only real beef and I'm sure they'll work something out now that Home Server is out.

How do I connect a new phone jack to the FIOS ONT?

Not being able to Terminal into my home server is a bummer. They also have Phone and TV. It's being turned on in Portland on December 26th, so we'll be without TV from the time we move in until then, but it'll be worth it to be rid of Comcast. Scott, you should be careful with wifi camera in the baby room.

Some are saying that those kinds of waves are quite dangerous for the brain, especially for small kids. We do turn off wifi in the house during the night. Maybe we are being paranoid Why do you need so much computers? And you really need UPS? If the power goes down, read a book I say. Close the laptops and have a good conversation, go outside for a walk, watch the night sky. The past year I have been removing stuff like this from my house and I have to tell you, it's pleasant to have one computer and no wires.

Just put it on eBay, you can live without it, I'm sure. Looking at those pictures it'll be good to know that if you ever lose your job you can just start up an ISP. Scott, I hate to say it, but if you loose power, the Fios system switches to "phone only" mode. At least thats how it works for us in Tampa. They say the internet draws to much current so it is not supported with no power. Maybe it is different for you since you have no phone. Although, pluging theirs into another UPS will probably sove this issue.